How do I get an Internet connection?

You must get Internet to your house to view Pastor Scott on Roku. Like cellular phone service, there are local and national providers. DSL is a form of Internet connection that is affordable and is sufficient to view Pastor Scott. DSL service can be found in many areas for $25 per month.

If you have TV cable service, check with your cable provider. They typically offer Internet service and will install equipment (Wireless router or direct, wired connection) in your house to get Internet to your Roku. Here are some other companies to consider:

When you call to order DSL (Internet) service, tell them you are installing a Roku and need Internet to your TV. They can do this with a wired connection or WiFi (pronounced Why-Fhi). Note that you may be charged for a WiFi box ("broadcast router"). Ask if they can include WiFi in your monthly price.

If you need assistance installing WiFi or a cable to your Roku, contact your local computer store or check the yellow pages for computer installation or repair services. Stores such as Best Buy have the Geek Squad which will get you set up.

NOTE: A computer in your house is not needed to operate Roku, but a computer is necessary to get the Roku device set up. Ask if the company installing your Internet connection can assist with this. Or you may have to have a computer installer come in for the purpose of assisting with the set up of your Roku.

How do I get Pastor Scott's Roku Application?

Once you have your Roku set up, you can watch several channels that come pre-installed.

To watch Pastor Scott, you will have to download her channel application to your Roku. To download Pastor Scott's app:


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